How would you believe on guaranteed search engine optimization services, if the service provider fails to provide any type of scientific basis for guarantee? You are promised first page ranking within seven days but there is no ground for this guarantee. But there is no reason to believe on this service. Should you believe?

When you are offered guarantee, you should ask a question that is what if the promise isn’t fulfilled? What would the digital marketing agency do if it fails to meet expectations? Would the company give the money back or it would keep working free of cost until the results are achieved? What type of guarantee is offered? Also you should consider whether the promise made could be fulfilled? Money back is the most common type of guarantee but it is also difficult to be fulfilled.


Are you ready to pay more for guaranteed search engine optimization services? Your SEO partner is ready to take responsibility to provide 100% success and also the company is ready to give free service on failing to keep the promise. You are asked to spend some more dollars to get assured service. Would you pay more for assurance?

How would you react to the assurance given by the digital marketing partner? First of all, you would say that it is expected from a SEO company to give desired results. You are right but you need making an opinion on a digital marketing firm. Assured success looks more like a marketing strategy than a business practice.

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